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Ambulance Box

The ambulance box is the area of the ambulance defined as the patient compartment. This area is the module where the emergency intervention to the patient is performed and at the same time the patient is transported safely. Therefore, the ambulance box contains medical devices and safety equipment. The functionality of the ambulance box allows paramedics to work much more comfortably.


What is an Ambulance Box?

The ambulance box, which is a very special compartment of ambulances, is the module where patient care and intervention are performed. Such areas have a design that prioritizes patient comfort. It also provides storage of medical devices with its large internal volume. Quality materials are preferred in the production of ambulance boxes, which have an important place in ambulance design.


Ambulance Box

Ambulance Box


How is an Ambulance Box Designed?

Many factors stand out in ambulance box designs. The main basis of the designs is patient comfort, health, and safety. Interrelated steps are preferred in the design of ambulance boxes. These steps are generally as follows:

Interior Design

The interior design of ambulance boxes includes the placement of medical equipment and devices. In addition, layout plans are made for easy access to equipment requiring emergency intervention, especially stretchers. It is determined what kind of cabinets are needed to store the devices. It is decided in which areas the storage cabinets will be placed.

Addition of Medical Devices

Many medical devices such as oxygen cylinders, monitors, aspirator devices, sphygmomanometers are included in ambulance boxes for patient health.

Placement of Safety Equipment

The ambulance box is equipped with safety equipment for the safe transportation of patients. Main stretcher, back board, inflatable splint set, neck collar set are some of the safety equipment.

Addition of Electricity Sources

Electricity and energy sources must be sufficient for medical devices to operate in ambulance boxes. In addition, there should be backup power sources for the devices to work in case of a possible power outage.


What are the Main Features of a Box Ambulance?

Ambulance box has functional features. These features can be listed in general terms as follows:

– It has a width that enables the protection of healthcare personnel, medical devices and the patient.

– Storage cabinets are available for easy access to medical equipment. It is also possible to have shelves and compartments.

– Ergonomically designed stretchers are used for patient transportation.

– Internal lighting is important to provide a suitable environment for patients. Temperature control is also provided with the help of various devices.

– There are easy-to-clean surfaces. This prevents the risk of infection for patients. Moreover, proper ventilation is provided.

– It has various equipment for the safety of healthcare personnel and patients. There are ergonomic seating areas for healthcare personnel. In addition, the floor is non-slip.

– There are special areas for the safe placement of stretchers. Ramps are among such areas.

Each of the mentioned aspects stands out in the ambulance box design. Furthermore, such features support the functional use of ambulances.


What are the Elements that Stand Out in an Ambulance Box Design?

A number of factors in ambulance box design enable the design to be done much more effectively. The design elements that stand out in such vehicles are as follows:

Regulation and Standards

The design of ambulances must comply with general standards and procedures.


Appropriate devices must be used to ensure adequate lighting.

Communication and Connection

Innovative communication systems must be in place. In this way, coordination between healthcare personnel and the relevant hospital is ensured smoothly.

Temperature Control

Temperature stabilizing devices should be used as necessary to maintain a constant temperature.

Durability and Maintenance

The materials preferred in ambulance design should be of high quality and durable.

Patient Privacy

Since patient privacy is important, this issue should be prioritized in ambulance design. Curtains, partitions; It is among the elements that should be considered in the design for patient privacy.