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Box Type Ambulance

Unlike the traditional ambulance design, the Box Type Ambulance has a square or rectangular design. Offering an effective use with its highly functional design, this type of ambulance stands out with many remarkable features, especially its large interior volume. Box-type ambulances, which have ergonomic seats that make it possible to treat two patients at the same time, can be used both as an emergency aid and patient transport vehicle.       All of the equipment found in a classic ambulance is also available in Box Type Ambulances. This makes Box Type Ambulances a functional medical vehicle.


What is Box Type Ambulance?

Box Type Ambulance models, which are designed in a much different way than classic ambulances, have a square or rectangular shape. Since it has a larger interior design, it offers a functional use with much more equipment carrying capacity. It has a flat floor that facilitates patient transportation. In addition, thanks to its functional design, it can be easily used in the city environment.

It has an audible siren and lighting system on its exterior and thanks to this feature, ambulances can move smoothly in the city in the evening or nighttime. On the other hand, it is also possible to use curtain headlights. Thanks to its design and features, Box Type Ambulance provides expert support in patient transportation and emergency assistance.


Box Type Ambulance

Box Type Ambulance


What are the Features of Box Type Ambulance?

Equipped with innovative features and essential equipment for emergency response, Box Type Ambulance features are outlined as follows:

– Comprehensive Equipment: It has many functional equipment, especially interior cabinets, ventilators, medical equipment. In addition, interior cabinets are also available in box type ambulances.

– Large Internal Volume: All box-type ambulances with a square or rectangular design have a large interior volume. Operations such as equipment transportation and patient care can be carried out much more easily.

– High Equipment Carrying Capacity: These types of ambulances, which allow carrying more equipment and medicines, provide easy access to the desired equipment, especially during emergency intervention to patients.

– Flat Surface: Among the remarkable features of box-type ambulances, they have a flat surface. This feature allows patients to be transported much more easily.

– Wide Area of Use: It can be preferred in many areas, especially in the transportation of patients, transportation of intensive care patients, and emergency intervention to patients.

Box Type Ambulance, which stands out with its innovative use, has a design that can meet the needs of patients in the best way. The equipment in this type of ambulance is also very wide. These equipment can be listed as follows:

– Optional equipment can be used, including shock-absorbing platforms used for the patient stretcher and incubator.

– Oxygen and vacuum sockets are available.

– Portable aspirator units such as ventilators and defibrillators are available.

– Thanks to the digital electrical control panels, fault notification operations can be done quickly and easily in case of any malfunction.


What are the Use Areas of Box Type Ambulances?

The usage area of Box Type Ambulance models with a functional design is extremely wide. Thanks to its large internal volume, many critically important equipment are included in the ambulance. This makes it easier to transport especially patients over long distances. Box Ambulance, which enables patient transportation, is also preferred in emergency response situations. This is because there are functional equipment in the ambulance. On the other hand, it is among the types of ambulances used in situations such as the transportation of intensive care patients.