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Box Type Ambulance Specifications

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Specifications

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Specifications : Enhancing Emergency Medical Services with Cutting-Edge Features

In the realm of emergency medical services, having a reliable and efficient ambulance is crucial to saving lives. AmbulanceMed, a leading ambulance manufacturer based in Dubai and Ankara, has developed the state-of-the-art Mercedes Box Type Ambulance to meet the demanding needs of modern healthcare systems. This article explores the remarkable features and capabilities of this innovative ambulance, designed to provide optimal patient care and transportation.


Built on the Trusted Mercedes Sprinter Chassis

At the core of the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance is the trusted Mercedes Sprinter chassis. To create this exceptional vehicle, a box made from sandwich panels is skillfully integrated onto the ambulance chassis. The 25mm thick profile used in the construction ensures a robust and durable structure, providing a safe environment for both patients and medical personnel during transportation.


Versatility in Serving Different Medical Needs

The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance is a versatile solution that caters to both emergency response and patient transfer requirements. Its design allows seamless adaptation to various medical scenarios, enabling medical professionals to provide immediate care on-site or transport patients safely to medical facilities.


Easy Accessibility and Efficient Medical Setup

The ambulance features an explicit cupboard that enables quick access to essential medical equipment, including oxygen and stretcher group. This setup streamlines the medical response process, ensuring that critical devices are readily available when needed the most.


Advanced Stretcher Carrying System

The ambulance is equipped with a stretcher carrying platform that can move along the left and right sides. This system simplifies the process of loading and unloading patients, reducing strain on medical staff and enhancing efficiency during emergency situations. Additionally, a ramp is included to facilitate smooth stretcher movement in and out of the ambulance.


Life-Saving Devices at Hand

The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance comes fully equipped with life-saving devices, including defibrillators and ventilators. These crucial medical tools empower emergency responders to deliver immediate care and stabilize patients while en route to medical facilities.


Brand Versatility for Customization

In addition to the Mercedes brand, AmbulanceMed offers the possibility of creating a box-type ambulance based on other reputable brands such as Iveco, Ducato, and Citreon. This flexibility allows healthcare institutions to choose the most suitable brand for their specific needs and preferences.


Comprehensive Toolbox Set for Medical Preparedness

The ambulance features a toolbox set located within easily accessible clamps. This set includes essential items such as fire extinguishers, oxygen extinguishers, and urgent helping kits, ensuring medical teams are well-prepared for any emergency situation.


Efficient Medical Waste Management

The patient cabin incorporates a medical waste box made from stainless steel, situated near the patient stretcher’s head area. Additionally, a syringe waste box is conveniently provided for proper disposal of medical waste, ensuring a hygienic and organized environment.


Smart Storage Solutions

The backside of the doctors’ seat in the patient cabin features a designated area for storing the vacuum stretcher. This section also includes space for plastic medicine and an organ transport bag, made from hygienic material and suitable for use with coolers. Furthermore, a patient transport Brenda measuring 2 meters by 80 centimeters is available to facilitate easy transport of patients or deceased individuals on the vacuum stretcher. The Brenda is covered with flame-retardant material and equipped with transport handles for convenience.


Optimal Illumination and Safety Features

The patient cabin is illuminated by two different lighting systems. Long lamps with LEDs, numbering 4 or 6, offer adjustable day and night modes controlled from the cabin’s panel. Additionally, the lamps contain white LEDs with chips for enhanced visibility. The ambulance is equipped with an audible siren and a comprehensive lighting system outside the vehicle, further enhancing safety during emergencies. Polyester-based cladding headlamps are available as an option for increased visibility and aesthetics.



The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance by AmbulanceMed is a game-changer in the realm of emergency medical transportation. Built on the reliable Mercedes Sprinter chassis and featuring an array of innovative features, this ambulance ensures efficient patient care and transportation. With its versatile design, advanced medical equipment, and smart storage solutions, the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance is a valuable asset for healthcare institutions, emergency responders, and patients alike.


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