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Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Technical Specifications

In the realm of emergency medical services, having a reliable and well-equipped ambulance is of utmost importance. AmbulanceMed, a renowned ambulance manufacturer with factories in Dubai and Ankara, takes pride in presenting the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance, a state-of-the-art vehicle designed to excel in critical medical scenarios. article delves into the technical specifications and features of this innovative ambulance, showcasing the cutting-edge components that ensure optimal patient care and efficient emergency response.


Front and Back Beacon Lamp with LED

The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance boasts front and back beacon lamps equipped with energy-efficient LEDs, meeting ECR-65 regulations. These powerful lights provide enhanced visibility, ensuring that the ambulance remains visible even in adverse weather conditions or low-light environments.


Siren Announce Device (5 Stage)

For effective communication and alerting other road users, the ambulance is equipped with a siren announce device featuring five different stages. This device helps ensure a clear path for the ambulance during emergencies.


Side Warning Lights with LED 12 Volt

The ambulance features six side warning lights with 12-volt LEDs, further enhancing its visibility and safety while maneuvering through traffic.


Patient’s Cabin Lighting (LED and Spot LED)

The patient’s cabin is thoughtfully designed with two types of lighting options – LED and spot LED lighting. These illumination choices ensure that medical professionals can perform their duties with precision and accuracy during patient care.


Air Conditioner

Patient comfort is a top priority, and the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance is equipped with an efficient air conditioning system. This feature ensures a controlled and comfortable environment, essential for patient stability and well-being during transit.


Electrical System with Digital Control Panel

The ambulance incorporates a sophisticated electrical system with a digital control panel, allowing medical personnel to manage various functions effortlessly. This advanced control panel streamlines operations and enhances the ambulance’s overall functionality.


Rectifier, Rectifier Cable, and Socket

The inclusion of a rectifier, rectifier cable, and socket in the ambulance ensures a reliable power supply for medical equipment and devices, enabling seamless medical interventions on the go.


Inverter 1000W and Outlet 220V

The ambulance features a powerful 1000W inverter and a 220V outlet, enabling the use of medical devices and equipment requiring standard electrical power, regardless of the location or situation.


Fuse Circuit Breaker

To ensure the safety of the electrical system, the ambulance is equipped with a fuse circuit breaker, protecting the vehicle from electrical overloads and potential hazards.


LED Lighting and Stretcher Spotlight

The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance is adorned with energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the vehicle, promoting a well-illuminated and efficient workspace. Additionally, a stretcher spotlight is incorporated, ensuring medical teams can provide focused care during patient transportation.


Electronic Siren and Light Bar

The ambulance is equipped with an electronic siren and light bar, adhering to CE / ISO 9001 standards. These components alert other road users, signaling the urgent need for passage during emergency responses.


Back Top Lightbar and Side Warning Lamps

The back top lightbar, coupled with side warning lamps, enhances the ambulance’s visibility from all angles, allowing for safer navigation in diverse road conditions.



The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance from AmbulanceMed sets new standards in emergency medical transportation with its cutting-edge technical specifications. From advanced lighting solutions and electrical systems to a powerful air conditioning unit, this ambulance is engineered to deliver optimal patient care in critical scenarios. Compliant with international standards, the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance stands as a symbol of AmbulanceMed’s commitment to excellence, providing healthcare professionals with a reliable and efficient tool to save lives during emergencies.


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