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Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Medical Equipment

Mercedes Box Type Ambulance Medical Equipment

In the fast-paced world of emergency medical services, having state-of-the-art medical equipment in ambulances is essential to provide timely and efficient patient care. AmbulanceMed, a prominent ambulance manufacturer with factories based in Dubai and Ankara, takes great pride in offering the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment. This SEO article will explore the diverse range of medical equipment available in these ambulances, setting new standards in emergency healthcare.


Ambulance Stretcher Collection

AmbulanceMed’s Mercedes Box Type Ambulance comes equipped with a comprehensive stretcher collection, including the Main Stretcher, Chair Stretcher, Scoop Stretcher, and Spine Board Stretcher. Each stretcher adheres to CE, EN 1865, EN 1789, and ISO 9001 standards, ensuring optimum patient comfort and safety during transportation.


Ambulance Air Split Set

The Ambulance Air Split Set, sourced from Germany and Turkey, meets the highest quality standards, making it an indispensable tool for stabilizing patients during critical situations.


Ambulance Cervical Collar

The German-made Ambulance Cervical Collar provides essential neck support for patients with suspected spinal injuries, ensuring their safety and preventing further harm during transit.


Ambulance Birth and Burn Sets

The Ambulance Birth Set, sourced from Germany, and the Ambulance Burn Set are vital additions to the medical equipment inventory. They cater to specific medical needs, ensuring that every aspect of patient care is meticulously covered.


Ambulance Portable Suction Set

The Ambulance Portable Suction Set, available from Germany and Turkey, offers rapid and effective airway clearance, crucial for maintaining patient airway patency during emergencies.


Ambulance Defibrillator AED and Transportation Ventilator

The German-made Ambulance Defibrillator AED and Transportation Ventilator are life-saving devices that are expertly integrated into the Mercedes Box Type Ambulance. These essential tools aid medical professionals in managing critical conditions promptly.


Ambulance Reanimation Set

The Ambulance Reanimation Set, sourced from Germany and Turkey, provides medical teams with the necessary equipment to initiate life-saving resuscitation efforts when seconds count.


Ambulance Fixed and Portable Spyhgmomanometers

The inclusion of the Ambulance Fixed and Portable Spyhgmomanometers ensures accurate blood pressure monitoring, allowing medical personnel to monitor patients’ vital signs with precision.


Ambulance Stethoscope and Corpse Bag

The Ambulance Stethoscope facilitates accurate auscultation, enabling healthcare providers to assess patients’ condition effectively. Additionally, the Ambulance Corpse Bag ensures the dignified handling of deceased patients.


Ambulance Basic Medical Equipment Bag

The Ambulance Basic Medical Equipment Bag, sourced from Germany and Turkey, is a compact yet comprehensive solution that holds essential medical supplies and devices for immediate access during emergencies.


Ambulance Oxygen and Vacuum Systems

The Mercedes Box Type Ambulance is equipped with advanced Ambulance Oxygen and Vacuum Systems, ensuring a steady supply of essential gases for patient care.



AmbulanceMed’s Mercedes Box Type Ambulance, adorned with cutting-edge medical equipment, is a testament to the company’s commitment to elevating emergency medical care. The diverse range of CE, EN 1865, EN 1789, and ISO 9001 certified equipment ensures that patients receive prompt and effective treatment during critical situations. AmbulanceMed’s dedication to innovation and excellence makes them a trusted partner in emergency healthcare, offering life-saving solutions that redefine the standards of ambulance medical equipment.

AmbulanceMed stands as a leading force in the ambulance manufacturing industry, continuously striving to push the boundaries of innovation and customer-centric solutions. Their commitment to engineering excellence and adherence to the highest quality standards has earned them the trust of healthcare providers around the world. With their factory locations in Dubai and Ankara, AmbulanceMed remains dedicated to equipping emergency medical services with the most advanced and reliable Mercedes Box Type Ambulance, revolutionizing emergency care and saving lives.


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